The advantage of blind typing and the ways to master it

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Almost everyone works daily with a keyboard. To write business texts, to make work pieces for school or to play games, chat and send emails. More and more people are discovering the benefits of blind types, but do you need it? Your fingers fly over the keyboard of your laptop. You think of yourself that you do that pretty fast. Until you see someone who does not look at the keyboard. That goes much faster and you immediately see the benefit. That is blind typing because one just has to keep an eye on the screen or a text that is next to the PC. Are you jealous of this? Anyone can learn this by following few simple steps.

How to increase the number of key stroke?

Extensive research has been carried out at the various Universities on typing with ten fingers. The results clearly stood out in favour of the blind type. If you type with a few fingers, you quickly get a speed of about 100 to 200 stops per minute. Someone who gets blind type gets at least 150 strokes per minute, but usually can get more. Yet speed is only part of the overall result. You also need to work flawlessly and be able to sustain it for a long time without getting tired. Among other things, the research shows that the blind type makes fewer mistakes and is less easily fatigued.

Learn to type for school, work and gaming

Blind types have existed for many decades. Secretaries were formerly only accepted if they could type on the typewriter without looking at the keyboard. They had to show a diploma that showed that they had followed a course. Even now some employers ask for such a diploma, because someone who can type blind works clearly faster and more relaxed than the people who use the keyboard with a few fingers.

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Children learn playfully blind types

One of the remarkable results of the aforementioned research is that children are able to type with ten fingers very young. They usually learn that on the basis of games that you have to play quickly. Time to go searching for the keys is not there. There are schools that take the time to teach children typing skills, but usually their parents see their usefulness and buy a course online or at an institute with courses for children.

Get the memory in your fingers

With a course of blind types, the memory is in your fingers. You read a word and your brain passes that on your fingers. You do not have to think about it. Only in difficult words will a blind type character write in letter by letter. This makes it possible to listen to what someone tells you and at the same time make notes. This method is effective for a doctor who listens to the complaints of a patient. For a teacher who wants to record the answers of the students and for secretaries who have to make a report of a meeting.

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