Enhancing the academic results by learning blind typing

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Blind typing is an important skill. Research proves that school results improve by typing quickly, blindly and with ten fingers. Give your child this advantage too!

Learn to type as a Super Spy

Can your child learn to type with the precision and speed of a spy? Sure! Your child will receive training at the Super Spy School. Your spy in the game completes secret missions, creaks codes and typeset secret messages very quickly. Those who learn to type well, accomplish the secret spy mission. This adventure keeps your child motivated until the end!

Renewed learning environment and games

The Super Spy School is the online learning environment of the typing course has now been completely renewed. Your child virtually goes around school, sails with a speedboat and experiences the adventure as a ‘first person’. Games like ‘Drone attack’ and spy missions like ‘Hack the casino’ make the course extra challenging. Additional practice also yields points that can be redeemed at the Spy Shop. With every time a new goal to achieve, your child learns to type better. Research proves that ‘ gaming learning ‘ is ideal for children to acquire new skills. The online typing course is entirely based on this principle. Children learn in a playful way, at their own pace and independently one the other hand once typing is ‘in the fingers’, your child can have a skill for life. Moreover, university research shows that children who can type blindly have a head start at school.

The Structure of the course

With the online typing course, children learn to blindly find all the keys in the first 11 weeks. From week 12 it is all about building typing speed. For example, in 20 weeks your child will learn to blindly and virtually flawlessly type with ten fingers with at least 120 strokes per minute. For children aged 13 or older, there is a typing course with more flexibility and adapted language use. Detailed information about the structure of the typing course and the online learning environment can be downloaded here.

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The requirement of optimal guidance

Thanks to the practical structure and motivating storyline, the typing course can be followed completely independently. But your child is certainly not alone! The progress is accurately kept and letters that your child may have difficulty with are automatically returned more often. This adaptive student tracking system offers your child a tailor made course. As a parent you will receive an overview of the progress after each week’s test, with advice and tips to support your child. If you still have questions, the employees of our customer service are ready to help you.

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